BC Curriculum Content Planning and Assessment Toolkit

20 thoughts on “BC Curriculum Content Planning and Assessment Toolkit”

  1. What a load of hard work. As part of the RC team in our school, the first information session we went to told us that the Curricular Competencies are the mandated part of the curriculum. The Content is examples. Our admin has checked in with others and has found that this is a general understanding. So, the language should be coming from the competencies for reporting. Our staff is finding it all pretty murky right now.


    1. Hey JN, thanks for the insight, very interesting! I agree with you about the murky feeling. I haven’t received much guidance on reporting standards since the new curriculum came out so this document doesn’t reflect the province or my district, just me. I wanted something that would make planning/reporting easier for my K/1 class (in the absence of guidance). When I look at the new curriculum, I see the Content section as the “WHAT to teach”, the Curricular Competencies as the “HOW to teach”, which is why I did this doc for content (though maybe I could do one for Curricular Competencies in the future?) but this is just my (uneducated) assessment after starring at it for too many hours with blurry eyes 🙂


      1. I thought we were told/assured by the by the STA that the Ministry can change the ‘what’ (content) but really can’t tell us how to do the ‘how’ (competencies). We have autonomy to decide how we deliver the new curriculum.
        This is a fantastic resource! Thank you! I will be sharing back at my school. This really should have been done by the ministry and/or our district!!!


      1. Hey Lillian, keep you eyes here, I’ve been working on one for the intermediate grades and I’m hoping to finish soon!


  2. This is VERY impressive! It is an interesting time in BC education and we all need guidance with the new curriculum. Thanks for breaking it down into a manageable piece. I will definitely be looking at this for next year!


  3. THANK YOU. As a first year teacher (and doing kindergarten) this has helped me with my year planning so much!!! I attached this to my previews and have used it for my report cards both terms and will for next term too. Fantastic way to organize it all… a great visual! I will share with my staff.


  4. This looks great! Thanks for all of your hard work. It’s well organized, and it is in clear language that parents will understand. Just what I needed for report writing!


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